Who Is Bruno Fagali?

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer at ‘FAGALI lawyers’ and corporate integrity manager who completed his undergraduate degree in Administrative law in the year 2009 and then he worked hard to complete his masters by the faculty of law of USP. He also deals with areas of Anti-corruption law, but he has an eye to three categories regulatory law, administrative contracts and the federal civil actions.

In Sao Paulo, Fagali owns his personal office being that he has a post there as the corporate integrity manager. His passion is inspiring with the motivation that he has to make it happen.his business is an advert agency categorizing themselves in the public interest communication. Due to his great personality, he is given the opportunity to be a member of the society of corporate compliance and ethics. In issues related to health and law procurement Bruno Fagai has been attending the seminars and congress in Brazil.

Consumer law, family law, and domestic violence are some of the functions that Bruno Fagali was dealing with but come 2007 he made wisdom remarks which left many gazing during the judgment of the Advisory public law contract. 2008 he said he is taking another direction on regulatory and administrative. Bruno Fagali, one time in his career, decided to try the waters he wrote and the article didn’t seem to write to the mind of the perpetrators but of great importance to the entire nation and the thus made Bruno be more fan more fans.

Imagine Bruno Fagali can speak up to four languages that are French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. An along with his career he has learned a lot of there including some of the tongue named such French and English. Putting much effort to what love doing it will it surely bear fruits. Working towards achieving your goals can be fancy and helpful if you have the passion.

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