Viper Drummer Cassio Audi Leaps from Music to Finance

There are few financial experts in the world with a past similar to that of Cassio Audi as one of the leading experts in the financial sector; despite spending much of his adult life working for some of the most impressive financial companies in the world including global leader Merrill Lynch. Before heading to the University of Sao Paulo to complete his studies as a financial expert the man who now makes his living in one of the most prestigious areas of business in the world was known as one of the most influential drummers of the early period of heavy metal in Brazil.

Dating back to 1985, Cassio Audi has had strong links to the world of heavy metal after being named the original drummer of the Brazilian new wave of the heavy metal band, Viper in that year. Cassio Audi formed the original rhythm section of Viper alongside bass player Pit Passarell; Audi played the drums across the early years of Viper and appeared on the early recordings of the band.

In the earliest incarnation of the band alongside Pit and Yves Passarell, the drummer was a driving force in creating a sound reminiscent of his heroes in the British heavy metal new wave including Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. The driving force behind the band, Cassio Audi was critically praised for his success as a drummer despite being a teenager at the time the band was formed and completed their initial recording of the demo album, “The Killera Sword”.

After the release of 1987s, “Soldiers of Sunrise” which paid a major debt to the work of the British New Wave, Cassio Audi decided to leave the band and pursue his career in finance. Despit4e only appearing on a single professionally produced album, Cassio Audi has built a career worthy of being positioned in the heavy metal hall of fame.