Understanding The Positive Changes White Shark Media Has Made From Complaints

According to Clutch.co, White Shark Media has come up with a system of marketing that has turned out a useful tool among clients in different industries. The company operates a digital marketing system that has seen businesses achieve growth within a short time. Most of the smooth changes that have been added to the system are as a result of the complaints that have been submitted by clients.

Unlike many businesses that would see a threat in customer complaints, White Media saw an opportunity that would make their system better and smooth for clients. Their main aim was to answer the issues that were presented by clients and make White Shark Media the best company in terms of responsiveness to customer inquiries and concerns. Below is a sample of some of the issues that were raised and the benefits they imparted into the company.

Lack of control over accounts

Initially, every new campaign that was launched by a client would be run on a new account, so White Shark Media appeared to be handling everything without involving clients. This raised several questions and many clients wanted to have the capability of managing their accounts to include new campaigns in old accounts. Read more:  @WhiteSharkMedia

Creating new accounts would be counterproductive since some of the old accounts clients had posted amazing results in previous transactions. To counter this challenge, White Shark Media improved their system to make it possible to manage new campaigns on already created accounts that had previous campaigns. This is as long as the previous campaigns were a success. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews | Glassdoor

AdWords performance tracking problem

Everyone who invests in an AdWords campaign would like to track the results and probably make changes in the positive direction. White Shark Media got information about this concern and started allowing clients to manage their campaigns using modern tracking features and settings. The company introduced Google Analytics and call tracking features that would be available free of charge to all clients on the platform.

Lack of SEO services on same platform
White Shark Media only offers marketing services that are affiliated to AdWords and SEM but not SEO. Although most clients were of the opinion it would be easier to run all their campaigns on one platform, White Shark Media did not implement offering SEO services. They instead ensured all clients who present SEO campaigns are advised on the plans to choose and are referred to companies that can best handle their marketing.