Thor Halvorssen Is A Thorn In The Side Of Human Rights Abusers

The Venezuelan human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has recently seen his profile as a household name grow as he appears on major news networks around the world to give his view of politics and activism. Thor Halvorssen is an individual many in the human rights activism community struggle to understand as he comes from a privileged family, but still continues to get his hands and feet dirty at the pit face of activism; in the past Halvorssen has been attacked by Vietnamese officials after interviewing a religious leader held under house arrest.

Halvorssen brings something new to the activism community as he brings a positive spin to every aspect of the role he plays as leader of the Human Rights Foundation, which he founded in 2005 to push forward his own goals as an activist. Halvorssen does now appear to care which world leaders he annoys as he sets his sights on the nations and officials he believes are denying their citizens their basic human rights; the major appointment of President of the HRF led to Russian opposition leader Gary Kasparov being appointed to the role for the New York based charitable organization.

This is much to admire in the life and work of Thor Halvorssen, which includes a successful career as a film producer he continues to complete alongside his work as an activist. The University of Pennsylvania alum is perhaps best known for his documentary work that tends to focus on the human rights of individuals who live in closed societies or under the rule of oppressive governments.

Through the small level of fame Thor Halvorssen has developed in his role as a film producer and human rights activist has allowed him to develop a number of charitable efforts for non profit groups. Halvorssen works with children’s charities in northern Europe to link them with their peers in war torn areas of the world; the Venezuelan born activist believes engaging the next generation of people in activism is the best way of building the community for the future.