There is More Than Just Hamilton on Broadway

Okay so you are in New York City, and you are filling up your itinerary, or you are trying to decide what to do. Broadway should always be on your list, even if you say you do not like theater. You will learn something, I guarantee it. “Hamilton” and its story has made it into the news, the cast have showed on morning shows, and even it has had its political day. The tough thing about popular theater is that it can be sold out when you are visiting New York, there is hope. There are so many other wonderful shows that people enjoy and you will enjoy.


Sometimes it best to go random when picking Broadway and musical, because the show will usually teach you something you never would have thought of. The random Broadway show you can get into could help you solve a problem you may never have thought of. If nothing else when you see a musical you can enjoy the musical. Here are a few names of shows you can potentially see and enjoy in New York City.


The Golden Bride, with beautiful scenery, is a story of a young girl from Russia who is going to America to collect her father’s fortune. Then her quest is to marry a young man and find her mother who she believes is still alive. The Golden Bride is in Yiddish subtitles and some English, but it will be an experience you will remember for life. DO not let subtitles scare you ever, they are worth it. You can find this and a list of the ten most popular Broadway show through this link Broadway


Another show to choose to see is “Waitress” with Jessica Mueller who is in the show until March. The story is about Jenna who is in a loveless marriage yet makes these amazing pies and works as a waitress, this will sound familiar to some of you. With the music of Sarah Bareilles Jenna sees the opportunity to better her life with the town doctor. The music is great and the critics feel happy about this one and so will you.


These two shows are just the start of a great 2017 line-up of Broadway shows and musicals. You must see on, no matter what. Broadway and theater open up pathways of your heart you never knew existed and makes you a better person, no matter who you are.