The Value of Consumer Complaints with White Shark Media

For many years, White Shark Media has managed to build a robust reputation in the AdWord industry. However, they also face various complaints from their customers. This is entirely healthy for any standard industry. With their integrity, White Shark Media shared these compliments with the public as well as how they would manage such problems in future. Their clients’ complaints have helped them in rolling out services that are more reliable. This post details a sample of the complaints and the firm’s move to counter them.

Some of the clients’ complaints were about losing touch with the campaign of their AdWord. The problem resulted from reporting procedures, which the firm had put in place initially. Small business owners were not able to easily review their campaign reports. With the reformed system, every client can receive all the reports regarding their campaigns so as to learn about the performance of AdWords and keywords.

Another complaint was from customers who felt that the communication was not that good to appeal. The Complaints team at White Shark values communication as it is a consultancy agency. Thus, it strives to ensure the communication is beyond sufficient for their advertising campaigns, thereby providing quality results from the campaigns.

Previously, clients had to pass through a receptionist, which made them feel the communication was below stellar. To counter this, White Shark Media replaced this with monthly status calls, which got included with phone systems and GoTomeeting that utilize direct extensions. Read more: @WhiteSharkMedia

Other complaints were directed to the high performance of old campaign in comparison to the new, optimized campaigns. White Shark Media had to ensure that each of their customers enjoys a successful campaign. The company used to create new accounts for every keyword that the clients brought in. If an old account is performing well, the firm allows their customers to manage such accounts with new AdWords.

According to Glassdoor, White Shark Media now utilizes adequately trained and qualified team of supervisors who give feedback and oversee the entire process. Some clients thought it was inconveniencing not to enjoy AdWord management and SEO services under one roof. The company chose to bring in a team of SEO specialists, which would help clients in the choice of the most efficient and reliable SEO service providers.

White Sharks Media is a well reputed AdWord management firm. Google awarded the company as the AdWords Premier SMB Partner. The Google program is only available to businesses, which have been handpicked for their achievements in addition to undergoing a stringent training as well as meeting the varied eligibility requirements from Google. Additionally, White Shark Media offers its customers the benefit to experience their unprecedented AdWord expertise.