The Lung Institute is Breathing New Life into the Life of Others

Stem cells are the cells that are not “assigned” to a role yet. They are new cells with the ability to change their function to mimic other types of tissue.  This quality, known as plasticity, is what makes stem cells so desirable in regenerative medicine.

At locations all across the United States, the physicians and the Lung Institute are hard at work. They are saving lives everyday using stem cells. The Lung Institute treats those affected by chronic lung diseases. These diseases include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema.

Patients use their own stem cells in their treatment at the Lung Institute. Stem cells are harvested from the patient’s bone marrow or blood. The stem cells are then separated and returned to the patient’s body. When this happens, the physicians at the Lung Institute, are counting on the “pulmonary trap” to work its “magic”.

According to, the stem cells are caught in the lungs and are not dispersed to the rest of the body. Normally, this presents an issue in regenerative medicine; however, in this instance the “pulmonary trap” is necessary for success. The newly deposited stem cells go to work almost immediately.

If you or someone you love is affected by a chronic lung disease then, you owe it to yourself or to them to visit the Lung Institute. Be on the cutting edge of treatment options with the best in the business. Trust the physicians at the Lung Institute to breathe some new life into your life or the life of a loved one. Read more about the Institute on

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