Tattoos Trends We’re Glad to See Go


Tattoos are often the most personally way a person can express their own sense of individuality. They can be reminders of values and people we hold dear, signs of the things that formed us into the people we become, and beautiful additions to the human body but like all things they are subject to personal decisions which can lead to some regrettable ink for everyone involved, those that have to see it included. Of all the trends within the many years of tattooing here are a few that we are glad have passed their prime.


Tattoos in a Language You Don’t Speak


The idea seems well meaning enough, there is a phrase or word that means that means the world to the person about to ink it forever on their skin but instead of choosing to have it written in a language they speak, they opt for the more “worldly” approach and choose to instead have kanji or Sanskrit forever marked on their skin with the utmost faith in their translator. Now forever where the wished to see “Peace” they are reminded of the number four special at Pok Pok LA.  Probably going to be some cover up tattoos in your future if you go this route.


Tribal Tattoos


Tribal tattoos have their place, usually within a tribe or tattooed by a member of a tribe only. This trend applies to those that have forever inked themselves into the tribe of “Chad.”  Like 90% of them however end up being some of the worst tattoos.



Tattoos can represent the best of part of our lives though without careful thought and adherence to passing fads often only lead to a quick Google search of laser removal clinics.