Suicide Squad Rating Decided

It’s official. Suicide Squad, the long anticipated comic revival, is hitting the big screens on August 5, 2016 and is rated PG-13. You know what that means. A million antsy adolescent kids nationwide are going to be able to indulge in this movie without getting gripe from mom. This rating may seem a bit of a disappointment for DC’s older adult fans, but the movie has been so popular in circulation and fan crevices that nothing is really being taken from it, nor has the sensationalism diluted. The glimpses that we’ve seen, along with the overall production appearance, cast and crew, and anticipatory hype is good enough for everyone involved and provides a blueprint for varied success, actually. Here’s a snippet This means that Suicide Squad will have a larger audience by default than it might have if it were streamlined as a hardcore R-rated film. Not to say audience participation would diminish otherwise, seeing that this is a film we’ve all been waiting for. Some of us even preferring to see a no holds bar situation, albeit, the public presence for this, especially on the premiere night, will be a congregation of wide-eyed teenagers and their nerdy predecessors alike. In my opinion, it’s a win win situation. Not to mention, the cast is incredibly dynamic. Featuring Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and many other amazing actors, this is without doubt going to be a film worth watching.