Stephen Murray’s Engaging Vitality is Greatly Missed

Stephen Murray was former CEO of CCMP Capital. Mr. Murray held the post, last, prior to his demise in 2015. Mr. Murray, was a graduate of Boston College, wherein he graduated in 1984. He attained a degree, at the time, in Economics. In 1989, Mr. Murray, successfully attained an MBA from Columbia Business School.

CCMP Capital—the end company, wherein, Mr. Murray served as CEO and President, is viewed as a well-regarded entity. The company was established, during 2006. It continues today, with regard to its strategic investment strategies. The strategies were started by the company’s founders. Stephen Murray of the organization were members of J.P. Morgan Partners, LLC. Too: CCMP Capital attained establishment by means of various transactions with regard to company integration, relative to its predecessors. The list of predecessors includes: Chemical Venture Partners, Manufacturers Hanover, and Chase Capital Venture Partners.

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Stephen Murray, began his career by participating in an analyst training program. The program was provided to Mr. Murray by the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. Mr. Murray, next, made the move, in 1989, to MH Equity Corporation. MH Equity paired up with Manufacturers Hanover’s Private Equity Group. Manufacturers Hanover Corp., was later purchased by Chemical Bank, during 1991. MH Equity was next merged with Chemical Venture Partners. Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan during 1996. Chemical Venture Partners, as a result, became known as Chase Capital Partners. Mr. Stephen Murray was in charge of the buyout at JP Morgan Partners, during 2005. He later co-founded the company CCMP Capital in 2006. Later, Stephen Murray assumed the leadership role of CEO at CCMP. The preceding event occurred in 2007.

Aside from his extensive career, Stephen Murray served on the Board of many well-known branded corporations: companies such as AMC Entertainment, Aramark, among many others.

He provided much in the way of philanthropic activity. He supported important organizations such as Make-A-Wish-Foundation, among many other highly recognized educational, cultural and charitable venues.

Mr. Murray provided the business and charitable communities, much, in the way of enthusiasm and support. Such engaging vitality, on the part of Mr. Murray, needless to say, will be greatly missed.

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