Simone Manuel is An Inspiration to Others

Simone Manuel recently made history in the swimming pool at the Rio Olympics. Her incredible performance in Rio is undoubtedly an inspiration to many people across the globe. She became the first African-American to win a gold medal in one of the world’s largest sporting event.

According to Simone, her achievement wasn’t just for her but for others who struggled with her and inspired her to stay put in the sport. Her success is a true inspiration to those people who have tried and are on the brink of giving up. It is like a wake-up call to those who had already hanged up their boots and gears to go back to the drawing board and try again.

According to Simone, her color just comes with her territory, and she hopes her win makes an impact on the current political situation in her home country. She specifically states that it is her wish to bring hope to those who are hopeless and change the current issues going on around the world. Manuel admitted that she was a little surprised to win a gold medal. She says that she went to the pool just to gain some experience given that this was her first time at the Olympics.

Simone Manuel shared the gold medal with Penny Oleksiak. The two broke the world record, which was previously set by Cate Campbell of Australia. Campbell finished fourth and her sister Bronte came sixth.

Manuel’s victory was a big achievement for the US team at the Olympics. She just made the country attain 1000 gold medals since the Olympics began. Her victory earned her praise from the former NBA legend Lebron James who described her and other gold medalists as truly inspiring to the black children. Other admirers sang the same tune to acknowledge Simone’s achievement as a true motivation to black children who are afraid to swim. Public health experts in the country are also hopeful that the 20-year old amazing achievement could have a star power to bring more minority children to swim.

People in the United States are waiting anxiously to see whether Simone Manuel’s achievement will bring more people to the swimming pool and hopefully bring more gold medals to the country.