Shows the Value of Community Service

The economy of Dallas is one of the strongest in the nation. Many banks are swamped with people who want loans to invest or start a business. Nexbank is a local bank that has served the community for many years.

Nexbank was started as a small bank focused on the customer. In both good and bad economic times, the bank has provided great service to people who need help.

Economic Crashes

Dallas has endured several economic crashes over the years. The oil industry is one of the biggest variables in the strength of the local economy. There are times in the past when the oil industry has dropped off.

During these times, many banks went out of business because no one was borrowing money to invest with. However, Nexbank thrived during these times for several reasons. Not only did the bank have a strong balance sheet, but they also had a strong commitment to customer service.


Nexbank has a lot of demand from customers right now. The bank is looking at expanding to several different locations in Dallas. This will allow the company to serve more customers and grow sales.

No matter how big Nexbank gets, the bank will still have the customer service that it is famous for. This is the biggest factor in the growth and success of the business over the years.