Securus Video Visitation Is Working All Over The World

There is no greater joy than watching a child being able to speak with his father face to face, especially when the father is incarcerated miles away. This is even more special when this conversation takes place on Christmas morning. This true story is one of the main reasons why video visitation is so important on a weekly basis.

The child did not just talk to his dad for two minutes, either. The conversation began in the child’s bedroom. He was then able to speak to his dad face to face while he walked down the hallway steps. He remained in contact with his dad while he opened every single Christmas present. This brought a huge smile to both the father and the child. The father will forever remember his son cheering for getting his favorite toy, and he will forever remember the sound of the wrapping paper crashing to the floor. This was all made possible through video visitation.

Securus video visitation is the leading software in the inmate industry right now. There are countless benefits that go along with being able to use this awesome technology. One of the main benefits is that inmates can reach anyone. Regardless of where a loved one is in the world, Securus will make sure the inmate can reach this person with a video session or a video message.

Another great benefit regarding the Securus video visitation would be the fact that support is available seven days a week and 24 hours every a day, even on major holidays. This support is available for both the inmates and their loved ones. If the inmate is having trouble using the technology, they just have to press one button and a representative from Securus will available to them. These individuals know the technology and software inside and out.

The individuals working for Securus trained to help people in this situation as quickly as possible. These professionals know people that are incarcerated do not have much time to contact their friends and relatives. That’s why they make the repair process so fast.

The same goes for people on the outside speaking to a loved one. They can dial a number, and they will immediately speak with a person, no machine. There are also several options available for people that speak a foreign language. No one should hesitate to call this company if they are having an issue with the technology and/or software.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.