Sacramento and the Love of Live Theatrical Events

Sacramento is not a city most recognized for live theatrical shows. New York City and Broadway do garner most of the attention. Touring theater is, of course, popular all across the world. Sacramento is home to a number of theaters that welcome national touring plays and musicals. The upcoming season is sure to be a very bright and happening one for the California city.


“An American in Paris”, “The Book of Mormon”, and “Beautiful — The Carole King Musical” are three of the shows hitting the town during the 2017 – 2018 season. These and other shows have garnered a lot of press and a number of good reviews. A welcoming and enthusiastic audience should await the shows once they arrive in Sacramento.


What is it that drives the love for theater so many decades into a world of motion pictures and home entertainment? Perhaps the connection between theater and fine arts and culture has something to do with it. Heading to the theater allows the audience to take part in a cultural experience. Theatrical performances are different than other exhibitions of entertainment. The “high-brow nature” of theater going brings with it a personal sense of artistic appreciation audiences feel when attending.


Of course, going to the theater is also simple fun. People seek entertainment of this nature to feel good and positive. Musicals do have the potential to evoke strong emotions in people, which adds to the overall enjoyment of going to the theater.


The good feelings an audience member gains can also come from the embrace of the cultural significance of attending live shows. Such feelings generally are not even noticeable on the surface. People don’t ponder too heavily on why they like to go to the theater. They just know they like the experience.


The theaters of Sacramento reap the huge rewards of audiences enjoying a nice night at a musical. The audience members buy tickets and keep the culture and art of Sacramento’s theater world alive.