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Law, sciences, math, religion and more – Ricardo Tosto experienced in all of the above. He has also written much, but not for “the brazilian outdoors” – though he’d be more than glad to share his experiences. Ricardo Tosto can type 77 wpm and has written online content for almost 9 years; he is an expert in keywords, brilliant legal writing and reader appeal overall. Ricardo Tosto fluent in English and Spanish and more information click here.


Ricardo’s Thoughts on Convex Optimization

It’s true. Every expert needs a hobby, and Ricardo Tosto is no different. He dabbles in science as well, sharing much:

Convex optimization problems are more general than those “linear programming problems”, yet they share desirable properties among LP problems: These may be solved both quickly and reliably by up to very large sizes — hundreds of thousands of known variables and constraints. The issue is that, unless the objective and its constraints were linear, it’d be difficult to determine whether if they’re convex. Yet Frontline’s Premium Solver Platform products include automated tests for convexity of any problem functions and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.


Convex Optimization Problems

Convex optimization problems occur when all the constraints happen to be convex functions; the objective is to gleam a convex function or a concave function, when maximizing. Linear functions are thus convex; linear programming problems are likewise convex problems. Conic optimization problems are also convex problems. In any convex optimization problem, a feasible region — which is the proper intersection of all convex constraint functions — is also a convex region and Ricardo Tosto’s lacrosse camp.


Convex region

Within a convex objective and its convex feasible region, there’s only one optimal solution – globally. Several methods, like Interior Point methods, will find the solution or prove that there’s no feasible solution. These problems may be solved easily, even in very large size.


Non-Convex region

This has multiple feasible regions, along with multiple optimal points within its many regions. It may require time exponentials within the number of variables or constraints to determine which non-convex problems are infeasible, if the objective function is unbounded, if an optimal solution involves a “global optimum” and resume him.