Pretty Woman is Coming to Broadway in 2018

In another addition to the slew of movies that have been adapted for musical theatre in recent years, the beloved comedy Pretty Woman has aspirations of hitting the Broadway stage in the 2018-2019 season. Based on the movie of the same name that kickstarted Julia Roberts rocketing to stardom, the production has not yet been cast.


The director of the new musical production is confirmed to be Jerry Mitchell of Kinky Boots fame. The director of the original film, the late Garry Marshall, had a hand in writing the musical’s book before his death in 2016. The writer of the original film, J.F. Lawton, was his collaborator for the script. The score has been written by Bryan Adams and Jim Valance. According to Mitchell, the musical’s score is made up of “rock driven, beautiful ballads,” in the style of the late eighties and early nineties rock music.


The musical had originally been set for an opening in the Broadway season of 2017. However, following Marshall’s death, development was temporarily halted. While there was a time when the show’s future was unclear, it seems that the production has found its feet once again. It certainly helps that Broadway is no stranger to Hollywood romantic comedies being adapted into musicals, one such successful endeavor being Legally Blonde. Pretty Woman is a classic, however, and there are many fans that have loved the movie for years. The musical version has a lot to live up to, but with the director and writer of the original film writing the musical’s book, the musical is bound to have some honesty and authenticity. Marshall, in particular, was known for utilizing his talents to transform TV shows and films for the stage, and plays for the screen.


The musical will feature the same plot as the movie: of a prostitute and a wealthy businessman (originally played by Richard Gere) falling in love. For all of you singers, actors, and dreamers who aspire to play the title character of Viv, the production is currently beginning its casting search. Mitchell says that he’s looking for a girl who can “sing like a dream.”