Politics Mean Little to Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen

The work of Thor Halvorssen has seen him become one of the best known human rights activists in the world after the Venezuelan born activist developed his own position in the community. Thor has seen his position as an activist reach respected levels after his presentations at the United Nations, the U.K. Houses of Parliament, and regular appearances at the TEDTalks events across the globe. Despite the success he has achieved Thor has made it clear in recent years he has little time for politics and harbors no ambitions to follow other members of his family into political life.

The political history of the family of Thor Halvorssen is extremely varied and includes time spent living and working for the betterment of communities across South America and northern Europe. Thor Halvorssen’s paternal grandfather made waves in Europe during World War II when he was the Admiral of the Norwegian Merchant Navy at the time the Nazi’s occupied the country; Halvorssen’s ancestor dispatched the navy to the neutral country of Venezuela to avoid them falling into German hands.

Describing himself as a classical liberal the New York based film producer has looked to report on human rights atrocities taking place across the world regardless of the political leanings of the government standing accused; Halvorssen recently publicized the human rights abuses committed in his native Venezuela and in Cuba by socialist governments he believes are often ignored by his fellow human rights activists.

Despite his success as an activist and growing reputation for impressive appearances on many different news networks the political ambitions of Thor Halvorssen simply lie in assisting others living in closed societies. Thor does not even look to question the political leanings of the staff he employs at the Human Rights Foundation, instead choosing to focus on the dedication shown to the cause of human rights. In discussing any possible political career Thor Halvorssen has already explained he sees no reason why he should look to become a politician as he wishes only to halt the human rights abuses he sees taking place across the planet.