Philanthropist George Soros Spends Billions Of Dollars Promoting Democracy Around The World

There are hedge fund investors that make a very comfortable living, and there are hedge fund investors that make billions of dollars investing in the assets that most investors won’t touch. George Soros is one of the investors that makes billions of dollars. In fact, Soros is worth more than $32 billion at last count. The total goes up every year because Soros is past the point of worrying about a million here or there. Soros thinks in mega-millions on Anyone associated with a Soros hedge fund has made multi-millions because of his shrewd investments. Soros started investing in the 1950s on Wall Street.

George came to the United States from London where he worked in a restaurant to make a living. Soros earned every nickel of his $32 billion. None of it was family money. His family lived in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. and because The family was Jewish, so there were subjected to harsh treatment on Biography. George escaped to London, and he graduated from the London School of Economics before he arrived in the States. Soros had a knack for picking the right assets back then, and by the time he made the bet of his life in the 1970s, he was already a multi-millionaire. But the bet that put him in rare company was his risky move to short the pound sterling when the euro was introduced. The Soros fund walked away with more than $7 billion and Soros made a billion-dollar commission.

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The thought of George Soros press bashing the United States is not realistic, but there are stories about Soros trying to bring down the United States by backing black hate groups. did some research, and the Snopes found no evidence to support the claims made by those haters. That Internet story was a made-up attempt to discredit George Soros and his philanthropic work. Not one shred of evidence was discovered that Soros had a conversation with a German Newspaper in 2014 like the fake story alleged.

The news about George Soros and his Open Society Foundation is all about building trust and credibility in countries that are denied democracy and freedom. The Open Society Foundation helps people that live in communist controlled countries or countries that still have a dictatorship. The Open Society also helps people in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and the United States.

There will always be false stories about George Soros floating around the Internet, but the true story about this investment genius is built on positivity and unity, not hatred.