Advice From Sawyer Howitt To Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is the most powerful way of taking control of your life. Everyone probably knows this, but the question is, why is it that millions of people around the world are stuck in a job they dislike, while millions other are jobless?

Sawyer Howitt, a young entrepreneur in Portland explains that the only actual mistake people make is failing to start a business ever. Once you take this step, everything else can be fixed.

While many people consider a typical day job to raise money to get your company off the ground, Sawyer explains that, it is better to go for more ‘creative options.’ These options allow one to focus on the mental energy on formatting plans to operate the business and actually starting it.

Design Consulting

You may not have any background in graphic design, but you can still learn slowly how to create graphics logos for companies. There are tons of freelancing websites where you can start, and with time, you may build a portfolio to share with potential clients.

Web Development

If you have some experience in web development, then you will find lots of opportunities out there. Many businesses are trying to establish website presence, which means you, can always find a business in need of your services. You will also refine some important skills that could help when establishing the website of your own.


If you have any experience in a unique industry, why not consider serving as a consultant. This will give you the flexibility you need to start your business.
There are tons of other opportunities out there, but each one of them requires a willingness to put extra time, and efforts. You should brace yourself for trials along the way.


About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer is an entrepreneur, who even at his young age is experiencing notable success. He has the skills that to understand the needs of a burgeoning business. He is currently the project manager at Meriwether Group and has become a significant asset in the company since he joined earlier this year. Sawyer concentrates on the business development for the company.

Sawyer has also been championing to help and mentor young individual and has also been involved in fighting for women rights. He is also an acknowledged racquetball player. Through working with many entrepreneurs at his age, Sawyer Howitt understands the prerequisites of taking the business to the next step, the insight he consistently shares with young entrepreneurs.

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