Olivia Wilde Will Star in Her First Broadway Show

Olivia Wilde has been a major star in the TV and movie world for quite some time. However, she has turned down several opportunities to act in various Broadway shows over the years. Fans of the actress will be very happy to learn that she has finally found the time in her busy schedule to make her debut on the Great White Way. She will star in a play based on the classic “1984” novel written by George Orwell and originally published in 1949.


The production will open in June at the Hudson Theater. It will also star Reed Birney and Tom Sturridge. Wilde has said in several interviews that she had wanted to act on Broadway for many years. However, her various film and TV commitments would not allow her enough time to do so. The production of “1984” has been going strong for quite some time in the United Kingdom. Wilde said she was approached more than a year ago to play the role of Julia when talks were underway to begin an American production of the play. She immediately had her agent arrange her schedule in such a way that it would be possible for her to perform a decent run of the show if it becomes a hit with audiences.


Wilde has said that acting in a play requires much different preparation than TV or film acting. The biggest difference is the amount of rehearsal time that actors are afforded when they are working on Broadway. She said that TV is the worst in terms of rehearsal time. Everything moves so fast that only a very limited amount of time can be spent on rehearsals. Movies are a bit better because there are many slow periods that actors can use to their advantage. However, Wilde said that a Broadway show spends a massive amount of time rehearsing. The reason for this is everything is done live. There are no retakes when you are on stage. Therefore, the actors need to know exactly what they are doing at all times. Wilde says she is not intimidated by acting in front of a live audience.