New Study Reveals Groundbreaking Potential Solution to MS

A new trial study has unearthed a wealth of evidence that suggest a powerful way to combat the crippling auto immune disease known as MS, otherwise known more properly as multiple sclerosis. The study was conducted at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and carried out under the purview of Dr. Richard Nash whose research found that 69 percent of all of the test patients experienced no relapses into MS nor any of the other symptoms common with the disability, such as bleeding of the brain. This is highly significant as the success rate of Dr. Shiva Gopal’s  study was considerably higher than any normal, conventional MS treatment currently available.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Anthony Fauci, publicly stated that, “These extended findings suggest that one-time treatment with HDIT/HCT may be substantially more effective than long-term treatment with the best available medications for people with a certain type of MS. These encouraging results support the development of a large, randomized trial to directly compare HDIT/HCT to standard of care for this often-debilitating disease.”

The study itself lasted five years and consisted of treating all of the patients with their own stem cells in a attempt to reset their immune systems. Then the test subjects are given high doses of chemotherapy to induce the immune system reset, simultaneously reintroducing the stem cells. Five years after the successful completion of the study the majority of the test subjects remained in remission. Additionally, many of the test subjects showed marked signs of increased mobility and a return of other previously debilitated physical capabilities.