New Businesses Can Find Investors With Laidlaw & Company

I am a new business owner who has been looking for investors for a while, and I have been striking out left and right. This is all pretty new to me because I am not a businessman as it were. I am just a guy with an idea who wants to be able to make some money on it. I think I can serve the community, but I need small investors who are willing to put a little extra money into the business. I approached James Ahern and Matthew Eitner about this at Laidlaw & Company about how I could get these investors, and then they started out by showing me how that works.

They have new people every day who might want to invest with companies like mine, and they will help someone like me find a couple investors. I know that that sounds silly, but I have no idea how I would find people to invest in my business any other way. I have no idea how to put together a list of investors, and I do not know if I could even convince them to give me money for the business. This way works much better for me.

The idea that I can have investors for my small business has been a real lifesaver for me. I needed to know that someone could help me put together a list of investors, and now Laidlaw & Company is doing that for me. They have done this before for other companies, and they will make sure that their brokers are helping me figure out how many people I need in order to have some success with this. I will be able to get more money to help operate my business, and all these investors will get some money back.