Neurocore’s Technological Infrastructure to Alleviating Anxiety and Depression

The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research released their periodical journal, the NeuroRegulation, with reports on how heart rate variability (HRV) may improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression. The study further reports that the treatments have the ability to effectively reduce anxiety and stress in children and adults than pharmaceutical interventions.

What Neurofeedback Therapy Entails

Neurofeedback is a brain training methodology that reports to the brain on its activities, detected by EG and fed back into the brain system through the auditory senses. The treatments give feedback, and thus through learning, guidance, and adjustments, the patient is able to respond positively in emotional states, physical and cognitive functions. Read more at about Neurocore.

This test was conducted by Neurocore Brain Performance Centers on 334 children and adults from October 2015 to July 2016. Under the Psychological symptom rating, 180 clients were diagnosed to be likely experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depressive problems.

Clinical Improvements

Thirty sessions were conducted on all patients. 82% of those affected by anxiety showed significant and meaningful improvements, while 81% of those suffering from depression showed what can be referred to as Minimal Clinically Important Improvements.

Following the results of this study, it was established that Neurocore’s HRV and neurofeedback training regimes are viable options for recommendation to people suffering from anxiety and depression. As Neurocore’s CEO Mark Morrison indicated, the results were remarkable since it had more than 50% of all patients getting help from the program. Follow Neurocore on

The Neurocore Center

The Neurocore Performance Center is a high technology institution established to identify, diagnose and address mental disorders, bordering on anxiety and depression in patients. Neurocore has built a comprehensive assessment platform and unique brain maps here clients receive top notch and safe personalized brain training for patients.

Neurocore achieves these results through the following platforms:

Brain Diagnostics-the assessment includes a fully packaged brainwave analysis using the EEG technology, breathing rate analysis as well as heart rate.

A customized Program-every person has a unique brain map which is adopted as a guide to individual treatment. It is achieved through repetition, feedback training and function sessions.

Lasting Results-Neurocore focuses on the provision of target results, aimed at the core organ, the brain. The diagnosis is, therefore, a critical part aimed at lasting solutions.