Nationwide Title Clearing provides online property reports

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is privately held firm that exclusively deals with research and document processing.

June 2014, Title defects is a major concern for real estate industry in the past years, which as a result many investors have experienced wrongful foreclosures while various individuals feel that the defects majorly contributes to stagnation of business rather than assisting in achieving a smooth transaction of documents and assets in the secondary market. NTC states that property records hold the solutions to ascertaining clear title transfer and also reducing chances of buyback and the risk of foreclosure.

The Nationwide Title Clearing, therefore, has taken various moves to ensure a smooth process of acquiring property reports. In that regard, the NTC Company launched and updated a website that allows investors to access information online. The reports are therefore readily available through the internet.

Title defects are usually experienced when an individual claims to own a property owned by another person. However, there are some several facts that can render title defects. This may include the following

– Wording mistakes in the ownership document, making it not comply with the standards of real estate in the area.

– Omitting an important inscription of a significant party of the transaction such as a spouse or associate.

– Failure to remove previous holders and encumbrances. The title should be clear from any constraints and drawbacks.

– Failure to follow the appropriate filling procedures while registering real estate documents.

John Hillman states that addressing the title defects well before purchasing any property is the key element. The NTC has therefore made property reports available through online ordering which is a milestone for the ever growing and evolving mortgage and real estate industry.

Mainly the information that the investors can get through online ordering includes current owner reports of property, tax status report, assignment verification report services as well as tax status (plus) reports among others.

Hillman further states that it’s their goal and objective to provide straightforward and fast step by step procedures of acquiring any property reports. The property research conducted by the NTC is based on facts and data from land records. They also obtain data from counties and multiple reliable sources.

NTC was founded in 1991 and has continued to provide services to mortgage lenders, servicers and investors. The company has also earned and built a track of good reputation by offering accurate and high-quality document processing for mortgage banking industries and other executive boards.

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