Mr. Matthew Autterson and his Professional Achievements

Mr. Matthew Autterson has been working in the field of investment management for quite a few years. He is currently at the position of Principal Wealth Advisor at the highly respected company of WIN Wealth Management. The responsibilities that Mr. Matthew Autterson has at the company includes helping clients align the investments strategy they are implementing with their most significant financial goals. Mr. Matthew Autterson co-founded the establishment of WIN Wealth Management.

Mr. Matthew Autterson is also serving at the company of Win Wealth Management as the Chief Compliance Office (CCO), and as the collaborative chairman of the investment committee policy of the WIN company. Along with his responsibilities at Win Wealth management, Mr. Matthew Autterson is a partner at the firm that he co-founded – Winterscheidt & Autterson, LLP. It is a CPA firm that has its headquarters set up in the Greater Area of Denver.

In terms of his education and training, Mr. Matthew Autterson has attended the Buena Vista University from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and he also has a minor in Finance. Mr. Matthew Autterson has also attended the Michigan State University from 1975 to 1979.

Before Mr. Matthew Autterson co-founded WIN Wealth Management, he was working as the Vice President of one of the largest investment advisors. It is located in Minneapolis, the state of Minnesota. Other previous work experience Mr. Matthew Autterson has amassed at companies from the likes of Royal Alliance and American express. He has also worked as practicing CPA and a professor of financial management at the North Iowa Area Community College.

Mr. Matthew Autterson is currently based in the Greater area of Denver. He lives with his wife Lois. The couple have three grown children and a few grandchildren as well. Mr. Matthew Autterson is recognized for his professional achievements.