Michael Zomber: A Life On A Roller Coaster

Michael Zomber spent two years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He was unjustly convicted of fraud, but thankfully this conviction was thrown out–not until a million dollars had been lost in unjust legal fees, however.

Zomber is a story teller. He’s written seven screenplays and four novels. The man is an artisan that has regularly appeared on The History Channel as an expert on guns. But Michael Zomber is no glorifier of guns. He merely appreciates their historicity. He does not support war, and is avid in his passionate pursuit against this violent aspect of mankind. He holds a BA in English Literature and Psychology, and a Master’s in English Literature from UCLA. That this man would be so unjustly prosecuted and not remunerated is tragic indeed!

But Michael Zomber did bring goodness with him on the outside. According to his Facebook profile, Michael has a wife and two children, who stood with him throughout the entire arduous process.

Life can really take people on a trip. From the peaks to the incarcerated valleys, Zomber’s trek through the macabre American justice system is a prime example of legality transcending necessary boundaries negatively. Thankfully Zomber is an author and has some influence. Perhaps he will be able to turn his difficulties into something good for society.