Matthew Autterson – a Key Figure in Independent Investment Management

Investment management entails professional management of securities which include shares and bonds. It also involves management of real estate businesses to help the investors meet their investment objectives and goals. The investors who stand to benefit from investment management include corporations, charities, mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies. The investment managers help their clients with stock selection, asset selection, and financial statement analysis.

There are different types of investment management firms. Some of these firms solely focus on wealthy individual investors while others diversify their services to work with companies, trusts, and charities. These firms perform differently in this field with some being more successful than others. The most successful investment management companies today include Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The reason behind the success of these firms is their quest to own absolutely every company. In this way, the management team will have high stakes so that they are not easily influenced.

About Matthew Autterson

Talking about investment management without mentioning the name Matthew Autterson is an extremely rare occurrence. Matthew Autterson today works with WIN Wealth Management where he serves as a wealth advisor. His secret when advising his clients is that he has to align his strategies with the clients’ goals and objectives. This method has worked to a greater extent where almost all his clients have always realized tremendous investment success. He has been actively involved in investment management for about 20 years now.

Matthew Autterson is a native of Birmingham, Michigan, but moved to Denver, Colorado to build on his passion for investment management. Before starting to work with WIN Wealth Management, Matthew Autterson was part with various other companies some of which include First Trust Corporation and Steamboat Springs. He is an alumnus of Buena Vista University from where he holds a B.A.