Magnises Members To Access Swanky Nightclubs And Hotel Stays For Lower Prices

Magnises is a private club that gives young professionals a platform to improve their lives both socially and professionally. It is offering its members a great deal of services. They can access classy nightclubs and hotels at cheaper prices. Through a feature called ClubPass, Magnises members are guaranteed access to posh nightclubs in New York for just $65 a month. Members can also stay at all New York locations of The Dream Hotel for just $79 a night, paying $166 less than the normal price for the rooms.

Billy McFarland, the founder of Magnises, said the Dream Hotel is putting up numerous properties around the world. To this end, Magnises members will enjoy the benefits whenever they travel for business or when on vacation. In addition, for just $99 a month, New-York based members of the private club can access shared office spaces at Alley, where Magnises is headquartered. For around $500 a month, members can access desks at co-working spaces under a membership feature called WorkPass. Talking to Business Insider, McFarland said their mission is to take social and professional lives of their elite millennial to the next level.

About Magnises
The experiential platform helps members to enjoy a unique set of both professional and cultural experiences on Wikipedia. The benefits enjoyed by Magnises members range from members-only concerts, food made by notable chefs and art previews at renowned galleries. Billy McFarland founded Magnises in 2014. He was in his twenties. He aimed at building a perfect network. To join the club, applicants are required to visit Magnises’ website and click the button “join now” then submit an application. After reviewing the application, Magnises will let the applicant know if they qualify to be members through a short mail. Magnises membership costs an annual fee of $257.55.

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Magnises black card is the key to the clients’ membership where each black metal card is personalized and linked to their bank or credit cards for it to act as a payment tool. By flashing their Magnises card, members can enjoy discounts at bars, restaurants, clubs and special reservations at luxurious getaways and private concerts. Magnises has a concierge app called Magnises NOW, where its clients can get professional assistance when they need help. Through the app, clients can be given suggestions on unique experiences within or out of their cities, dining, nightlife and reservations suggestions. They can also get answers to general questions.

The company has created a unique network of taste makers, influencers and experience seekers from all lifestyles on Twitter. Magnises founder said they are determined to connect the young professionals with new businesses both online and offline. The club consists of working professionals within the age bracket of 21-35 years, where most of them work in finance, tech and fashion industries. Magnises membership has increased to 12,000 individuals and they plan to introduce more benefits to attract more members. Billy McFarland said that hotels and clubs benefit from their collaboration. Some of the notable brands include Hudson Terrace, BowlMor, Avenue, Gilded Lily, The Box, Rochelle’s, Bounce Sporting Club and The Ainsworth.