Maggie Gill’s Fight To Save Memorial Health In The Face Of Changing Healthcare Environment

Maggie Gill’s prediction that the health care system would continue to lose money was accurate. Speaking during a Memorial Health Board last Wednesday, she said that the loss of money was due to the changes in the healthcare environment. She added that the loss would slow down as the industry settles. Gill is both the president and CEO of Memorial Health, a company that runs the Memorial University Medical Center.
Since she was anticipating the company to lose money, Maggie Gill initiated a campaign dubbed ‘pathway to Excellence’ to help Memorial Health save money. Through the process, Memorial Health has been able to save at least $12.6 million since June. Gill pointed out that the huge savings made by company was from Premier Inc, its Charlotte-based healthcare improvement subsidiary. The subsidiary has saved $7.6 million.
The Pathway to Excellence campaign is geared towards saving the company over $20 million in this financial year. This saving is critical in ensuring that the company will be able to continue posting positive results despite the loss of money in the health care industry. Gill plans to save most of this money from Premier Inc.
The change in healthcare environment is marked by the government’s reductions in its medical care reimbursements. This reduction is proves to be difficult for Memorial Health since over one-third of its patients are unable to settle their medical bills. Gill argued that even an increase in patient numbers would not help the company as the unpaid bills were weighing it down. She said that the firm needs a deep-pocketed partner for purposes of enhancing its operational efficiency. This information was originally mentioned on Savannah Now.
In addition, Gill asserted that the company would report operating losses. To this end, charity and local governments should intervene by awarding the safety net hospital with local and special funding. Such funding will ensure that the company’s operations run smoothly and patients continue to receive quality health services. The company’ CFO, Laura Dow pointed out that the company’s management has sounded warnings for the last five years and there have been no interventions. This has left the hospital financially exposed as its operating costs continue to rise.
In 2004, Maggie Gill joined Memorial Health as its vice president of finance. Over the years, she has managed to climb through the ranks to become the company’s president and CEO. Previously, Gill rendered her services as the chief financial officer for Tenet South Florida Health System. She is a graduate of Florida State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree. Moreover, Gill pursued her MBA at the esteemed Saint Leo University. Recently, she completed a coursework on strategic thinking and management at the prestigious Wharton School.