Low-Carb? No Way. Pasta Is Back & It’s Here To Stay.

The Pasta Trend Is Back

Pasta is back in fashion. The trend of low-carb diets has had a toll on both sales and consumption of pasta in past years. This trend is slowly giving way and giving pasta a big comeback. More and more consumers are seeking out not only pastas, but also the sauces that they are garnished with.

The sales numbers are quite revealing. It seems that this new trend is pointing more towards short cut pastas rather than your standard spaghetti or angel hairs. People are craving and buying rigatoni, linguine, and even elbows at an alarmingly high rate. These pastas are flying off the shelves despite the proven evidence that a low-carb diet is better for you.

This trend is also overlapping to the internet. Search engines for new and inventive ways to prepare pasta are showing greater hits. It seems that people not only want their pasta, they want new and fun ways to eat it too.

The number one pasta to grow in popularity in the last year is rigatoni. This is a short cut, easy to prepare and use pasta. Rigatoni is showing up in a number of recipes that include meats, cheeses, fish and even as a stand alone dish. A very popular variation using rigatoni is a rigatoni pie that uses ground beef and tons of delicious melted cheese. Pasta is back and is growing in popularity and variety fast.