Love The Theater? Why “Come From Away” Is An Absolute Must-See

There are few things as enjoyable as getting together with a few close friends or loved ones and going to the theater. Because theater is so interactive, it gives you a chance to bond both with those in your party and those on the stage. The experience can be very profound, especially if you manage to catch an incredible show that has a beautiful meaning. If this is what you’re after, “Come From Away” more than fits the bill.


A recent Huffington Post article outlined the premise of the story and truly made the play seem like the one to watch. The story is about the meeting up of the passengers who are on 38 different planes. Each plane is grounded in Newfoundland after airspace is shut down. Although there were in excess of 7,000 people on those planes, the show only features a cast of 12 people, with each one playing multiple roles in order to keep the pace of the play going. They are also joined onstage by an 8 piece band.


The show is all about demonstrating how wonderful it can be when you have people of so many different backgrounds in one place in a peaceful way. When everyone is just concerned about the well-being of his fellow man, things proceed in such a loving manner. Just the gentleness that can be rediscovered when people take the time to hear each other out is beautiful within itself. The title of the play derives from the fact that since all of the planes were directed to Newfoundland from somewhere else, everyone essentially came from away. This is a fitting tribute to immigration issues, seeing as how they are an especially hot button these days.


Come From Away definitely sounds like something that I would love to see. It’s a one-act play that lasts for 90 minutes, so it’s sure to be a moving show that fills each moment with activity and meaning. The Huffington Post reviewer believes that seeing the show is the key to putting hope back in the human heart because he writes that even in the midst of tragedy it’s possible to find kindness in others. I plan to get my tickets as soon as possible because I love a show that can make me laugh, cry, reflect, and think. Based upon the write up for this Broadway play, I’m sure that I’ll be able to do all four of these things after watching this show and much more.