Laidlaw & Company: Revenge Filing with SEC

Relmada Therapeutics filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada in early January 2016 against Laidlaw & Company. Relmada is a popular clinical trial company with a lot of promise in the treatment of chronic pain with recent successes in opiate and neuropathic pain management. Laidlaw & Company was hired as the companies investment banker and helped facilitate a merger that lead to a public offering of stock. In 2015 Relmada expressed its dissatisfaction for the services provided by Laidlaw and its principals, Matthew Either and James Ahern. Out for revenge, the principals filed a filed a Schedule 13D with the Securities and Exchange Commission and sent a message to Relmada. In filing the proxy document, Laidlaw also disclosed vital company information on how they acquired investors with far reaching consequences for both companies. Unfortunately for Laidlaw, Relmada saw its stock decline by more than half of the initial offering after they filed the disclosure for the SEC with information to smear and cause financial damage.

Matthew Either is the chief operating officer at Laidlaw and ultimately responsible for the cost of the damage to Relmada. James Ahern is the managing partner for Laidlaw and his education has been researched in the past and alleged as false. Mr. Ahern also has several complaints from customers in the past with government agencies. It is regrettable to investors and the public to watch a fraudulent person cause financial damage to a legitimate company that helps millions of people with chronic pain.