Laidlaw Company in Hot Soup As Relmada Prepares for Fresh Accusations

Relmada Therapeutics, Inc is a clinical-stage company that develops novel therapies for treatment of chronic pains. The company has today filed a motion which aims at amending the accusation it has been leveling against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd in a Nevada U.S District Court.


The current amendment includes an inclusion of a legal claim accusing Laidlaw of fiduciary duty breach that it owed to Relmada. At that time Relmada alleges that Laidlaw had made public confidential information which it had acquired in its capacity as the Relmada’s investment banker. With that notwithstanding, Relmada seeks monetary compensation for all the expenses it has incurred when responding to false and misleading proxy materials that Laidlaw had released in December 2015.


Relmada says that the court had given a temporary order that restrains Laidlaw Company and its heads Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, for having publicized Relmada’s deceptive proxy materials. Besides, the board believes that there are reasonable grounds for it to be compensated for all the damaged caused to them, and further be prevented from being harm by Laidlaw in the future.


Laidlaw Company is an investment bank offering services of wealth management to individuals and many institutions across the US and UK. The company raises capital through the placement of equity with high institutions and wealthy investors. It also places debts and mezzanine capital with institutional investors. The company acquires financing, arranges national exchange listings. It trades in the US trading markets as well as UK’s AIM –listed transaction markets. Laidlaw Company also does initial public offerings as another of its investment banking services.


Laidlaw Company does advisory services on acquisition, fairness opinions, divestiture, private transactions, balance sheet optimizations, management-led buyouts, stock repurchases and much more. The key executives for Laidlaw and Company (UK) Ltd include Mr. Mathew D. Eitner, who is the current chief executive officer, followed by management partner, who is also the head of the capital markets, Mr. James P. Ahern.