Kenneth Branagh Ready to Broadcast Romeo and Juliet Play to 1200 Cinemas Globally

Kenneth Branagh and his theater company has announced the broadcast of Romeo and Juliet in over 1,200 worldwide on July 7, 2016. The production will star Derek Jacobi, Lily James, Meera Syal and Richard Madden. It will be directed by popular directors Rob Ashford and Kenneth Branagh. The play will be held at the Garrick from 7th July until 13th August. Benjamin Caron will direct the cinema broadcast in black and white (high contrast).

Kenneth Branagh Theater Company is partnering with Picturehouse Entertainment to broadcast the play to over 1200 cinemas globally. The broadcast will be made live from the Garrick Theater located in West End. It will start at 1900 hours on Thursday.

All the participating cinemas and respective screen dates can be found online at It follows the concluded broadcast of The Winter’s Tale held at November 26, 2016.

Cast of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet reunites stars who previously worked on Cinderella. The play is directed by Rob Ashford and Kenneth Branagh. It stars Lily James as Juliet, Richard Madden as Romeo, Meera Syal as the nurse and Derek Jacobi as Merctio. Other cast members include: Marisa Berenson as Lady Capulet, Jack Hirst as Benvolio, Ansu Kabia as Tybalt, Zoe Rainey as Lady Montague, Michael Rouse as Lord Capulet, Tom Hanson as Paris, Matthew Hawksley as Anthony, Taylor James as Prince, Rachael Ofori as Potpan, Nukki Patel as Balthasar, Chris Porter as Lord Montague, Kathryn Wilder as Peter and Sam Valentine as Friar Laurence.