Jason Hope’s Pursuit for Anti-Aging Solutions.

Jason Hope who has earned the title of a futurist is an Arizona native. Hope graduated from Arizona state university with a degree in finance. He also has an MBA from W.P Carey School of Business. Jason Hope has a great zeal, passion and clear understanding of technology that he uses to monitor the industry and predict its future. He aims at developing a radical technology that will make human life easier and happier. Hope works closely with individuals and businesses in the technology industry to steer them towards advancing technology to the highest levels possible. Among his technological interests is developing mobile apps and gaming softwares that exploit the power of technology to make people’s lives better. Jason Hope believes that the future can only be better with technology, and what Jason Hope knows.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Hope also has a special interest in Arizona’s politics as well as nationally. He is passionate in giving back to the society through his various initiatives and improving the lives of the local communities in Arizona. His giving is also extended to organizations that work to make lives better particularly those fighting the health implications that come with aging. He does not just wait for requests to help but is always out there in search of organizations that need his help. In addition to his big and charitable heart, Hope is also ready to spare his time and influence in ensuring the organizations get a breakthrough.

SENS Foundation Research is a global scientific community whose sole purpose is to revolutionize the biotech industry. It was founded over seven years ago. Unlike many organizations that dwell on treating age-related illnesses, SENS Foundation has gone further to simply stop the diseases from developing by slowing down the aging process altogether. The company aims at driving the industry by being at the forefront of biotech research and especially conquering aging.

In his philanthropic works, Hope gave a major donation of $500000 to SENS Foundation Research which was called a Breakthrough Philanthropy event organized by the foundation. The foundation is interested in carrying out biotechnological researches that comprehensively address age-related diseases like diabetes, lung cancer and Alzheimer’s. Hope’s donation was driven by his firm belief in the future for rejuvenation biotechnology in revolutionizing the healthcare sector. He believed that SENS Foundation was on the right track and his help could help them get to achieve their goals faster, and https://gust.com/companies/jason-hope.