James Dondero of Dallas Based Highland Capital Management: A Philanthropic Success

Highland Capital Management is a firm specializing in investment advice. This SEC-registered firm proudly boasts of their eighteen billion dollars in assets, and is known as one of the largest and experienced credit managing agencies within the industry. Focusing on areas such as credit strategies, loan obligations, separate accounts, and credit hedge funds, the ascertained experience of Highland Capital Management is impressive. Recognized as having one of the most diverse client bases in the industry, their services cover a multitude of areas professionally and culturally.

Adorning their mission statement are the words, “experienced, bold, and disciplined.” By never cutting corners nor succumbing to an unfavorable economy, HCM is easily able to stay ahead of the competition. Offering the same quality service to all of their clients creates a personable experience that is critically needed in this industry. A superb staff maintains the duties of the company, and possesses the very attributes that are described in the mission statement.

Leading the firm is the co-founder and President, James Dondero. Embodying the attributes HCM were founded on, Dondero has lead the company through it all. Specializing in both credit and equity markets, the Texas native undoubtedly understands the ins and outs of multiple industries. Endowed with the professionalism and strength needed in this field, he does not let his tame recreational activities influence his ability to flourish in the world of business.

James Dondero is charitably inclined, to say the least. Devoting his free-time to educational and veteran affairs, the good-Samaritan attitude he has makes for a successful and fulfilling life. From his beginning days as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty to his reigning role at Highland Capital Management, James has left a mark on every business he has worked at. Holding the impressive title of being a Certified Management Accountant, Dondero is a jack of all trades who uses his success to fuel a philanthropic fire.

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