Indian Food At The Theatre

If you’re living in Britain, or know about the current political climate there, you might know that immigrants are facing increasing backlash as are English citizens of non-English heritage. Putting aside all of that controversy is an Indian citizen changing how we view Indian food through art and the theatre as well as through his delicious street food itself.

This is important because cultural immersion still works; multiculturalism may be flawed but further integration can still work. theatre has a role in molding cultures that not every part of society can uniquely fill. All different cultures have art and theatre, and all of it is brilliant. The best theatre in the 21st century is attempting to bring together the best in theatre from various parts of the world into one cultural experience.

That’s a tall order for a play, but food helps. We know that food is one of the most culturally significant parts of a person’s identity and is often the last thing a person will lose if they ever lose their culture in a new environment. Food is also a great way for cultures to mix, with different English cities coming up with dishes that reflect a strong Indian, North African, and even Eastern European presence.

Combining the two together could really do a lot of good at some fringe of the border between tolerance and hate, but for the price of good food and a good show, why not give it a try?