ICI: Giving Governance a Pinch of Technology

The revolution brought by about the emergence of Information Technology (IT) coupled with the spread of Internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of human life. Though it took governments some time to embrace the idea of using technology for ensuring governance, the concept of e-governance has become an essential component of public management in developed countries. Following in the footsteps of the developed countries, the developing countries of the world have started to internalize e-governance as a crucial part of their administration on google.com.br. Brazil is witnessing a process of embracing e-governance to ensure speedy and smooth its public services. E-governe is playing an important role in providing e-governance in Brazil.

Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (E-governe) is social organization and a non-profit Communication Solutions body that operates under the aegis of the Municipal Government of Curitiba, Brazil. The organization was founded in 1998 to manage the municipal government’s work related to information technology, especially the transport system of the city. The legislation for establishing of the ICI as a social organization was done by the Municipal government of Curitiba under the title of the Municipality Publicity Program. As is evident from its title of the social organization, the ICI is qualified to forge partnerships with other public service providers in the country. The ICI specializes in providing information and communication solutions for ensuring successful public management. It functions as a service provider throughout the country.

The ICI is committed to spreading the idea of e-governe in cities across Brazil. It believes in making the cities work smoother and faster by providing technological solutions. The organization is playing an important role in revolutionizing public service and management through its advanced services in several areas. The organization’s primary objective is to turn the populous and unwieldy Brazilian cities into Smart Cities by linking them with the most advanced forms of information technology.

E-governe is a non-profit organization in the sense that it uses its economic gains and revenues for conducting research programs aimed at developing new projects and furthering the cause of social responsibility. Through its investments in research, the organization contributes to the continuing growth of cities, besides producing state-of-the-art technological solutions to its customers. Thus the managers and officials working for the organizations do not get a share from its earnings, and the money is solely invested for the research and development.

Since its creation in 1998, the ICI has been a success story. In the very year of its formation, the ICI signed a Management Agreement with the City Hall of Curitiba. In 1999, the organization registered success by launching the Quality Card service in Curitiba. In the following years, it successfully introduced Public Management and Procurement System in Curitiba’s health department and later in the Tax department. The organization grabs the top position in the Brazilian Index of Digital Cities in 2012. After its successful experience in Curitiba, the organization extended the scope of its services to other cities of Brazil. E-governe’s other successes include the implementation of ISS system and installation of Wi-Fi networks, establishing a center of excellence for innovation, and creating websites for the Audit departments of various Brazilian municipal governments.

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