IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Selected by the U.S. Navy to Support $900 Million Contract

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., the IAP-ECC managing member, has been joined by four other companies for the award of the indefinite-quantity/Indefinite-delivery contract. This is a worldwide Multiple Award Support Group Contract II which offers over $9 million by the Engineering Command under the Naval Facilities in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, and Pacific.

Doug Kitani, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Director and CEO, said that IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is proud to continue to offer its high-level assistance to its customers around the globe who rely on their high-end solutions to their challenges. According to IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., their selection to offer services to the United States Global Contingency Mission for the Navy is in keeping with the high expertise and standards to make the customer’s mission coveted.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has gained excellence popularity in supporting these contingency-based DoD entities and contracts. Under the Augmentation Program for the Air Force Contract (AFCAP), v is the only company selected to offer their exclusive service from all the four. Rick Rohmer, the Global Support Services Vice President charged with the program’s operation, said that they are executing Task Orders as an incumbent for the United States Navy under the GSCMAC I processor. The IAP Worldwide team on iapws.com, a combined force for good, is pleased to provide critical maintenance and support operations under the United States Navy Contingency Services.

The services intended to be received by the United States Navy will include natural disasters, incidental construction, support services, and humanitarian efforts. IAP Worldwide will also offer a broad spectrum of incumbent breaks, and military actions in service locations globally to support the efforts of the country. The Engineering Command and the Naval Facilities is the contracting agency that expects the contract to complete its course by 2024.

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