IAP Worldwide: A Global Employer with a Strong Mission

IAP Worldwide is a top provider of worldwide services. From logistics to facilities management and professional and technical services, IAP has grown to be a well known company that is always one of the first to help others in need. With over 2,000 employees in over 25 countries worldwide, they work to solve their customers’ largest challenges.

Having a career at IAP means being a part of an effective cohesive unit that takes pride in bringing together unique knowledge, skills, and expertise to engage in the “unexpected”. A career at IAP requires a strong level of commitment to the company’s mission, which makes IAP one of the best employers worldwide. IAP is continuously seeking qualified professionals who are passionate not only about their own future, but also making a strong positive impact in the world.

IAP’s employees work to solve problems for others. Each employee contributes their unique experiences, skills, and knowledge to make a positive change. This brings employees a deep sense of dedication, camaraderie, cooperation, equality, and ongoing positive recognition of hard work. IAP Worldwide hires experienced and dedicated professionals for positions in areas such as logistics, general management, accounting, engineering, operations, construction, program management, and several other specialty areas.

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Once hired at IAP, they work to empower employees with both the resources and knowledge to safely and effectively do their jobs, while keeping the company growing by contributing to the success of each customer engagement.

IAP truly cares about the success of its employees. They work together to provide “world class” customer service during times of need. They work hard to have a continuous mutually beneficial relationship with their employees. As with their clients, IAP also exercises their core values with their employees, which are integrity, respect, responsibility, purpose, and ingenuity.

IAP Worldwide Services recently announced that its acquisition of the U.S. Army’s contract, providing integrated logistics, training support, and fielding for the PM DCGS-A at Fort Hood, as well as locations worldwide. This innovative work will be performed under a current contract, which is called the Rapid Response Third Generation.

DCGS-A is the system that the Army uses to post all of their information, including data and process information. It is also used to disseminate Intelligence, Surveillance, ISR, information regarding operational environments including the weather and terrain, which provides commanders with critical information on PRNewswire. The tasks of this contract are valued at $53 million. They include hardware systems engineering, networking, data processing, systems reconciliations, hardware accreditation and certification, training, and proper operations of their warehouse. This results in the successful delivery of DCGS-A to military units.

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