How Is Patty Rocklage Doing The Extraordinary?

Dr. Patty Rocklage commitment to philanthropic endeavors and her career as a psychotherapist is admirable. A brilliant life coach, she has expertise as a licensed family and marriage specialist. She studied psychology and received a graduate degree from USC (University of Southern California). Patty Rocklage runs a successful practice out of Massachusetts. With an extensive professional background and experience spanning 20+ years, she’s among the industry’s elite.

Her clientele primarily includes families, couples and those needing personal counseling. She’s often invited as a public speaker to counsel communities in need of sound guidance and direction. Besides her role as a professional therapist, she’s actively involved in family activities. She’s never one to turn down family bonding opportunities or home renovation projects.

A home improvement experience she’s been particularly reminiscent of is revamping her kitchen. Since the renovation, the family has been enjoying a greener, healthier living space. The newly revamped landscape boast an environmentally aware arrangement. Similarly, she joined her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage in revamping MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry Lab. Their contribution couldn’t be any more thoughtful and resolute. Last year, the faculty and students expressed gratitude shortly after a complete tour of the remodeled nanochemistry/technology space. Scott recounted conducting medical research for his doctoral degree in the said lab.

Patty Rocklage has been an instrumental supportive system in building the local Sudanese community. As a partnering member, she’s aiding SEF (Sudanese Education Fund) integrate a firm foundation that provides financial security, employment, and education for citizens. Its mission is to strengthen societal relationships and create a wealth of opportunities to promote human enrichment within a growing Sudanese community. Patty remains composed when tackling her duties with immense grace and discipline. Many admire her giving spirit and devotion to the cause.