How Evolution Of Smooth Built Its Brand

The Shocking Truth About Lip Balm

The success of Evolution of Smooth defies what many believe about the lip balm market. Before Evolution of Smooth, many believed that lip balm was a unisex product and that there wasn’t much of a market to grow. However, EOS lip balm disproved all of this by showing there is in fact a very specific demographic that enjoys buying lip balm. They then decided to target this demo in order to make their brand the top brand among lip balms.

Breaking Into The Market

The first thing that marketing research revealed about Evolution of Smooth is that the majority of people buying lip balm are in fact young women. Knowing this, they decided it was best to target women instead of men and to declare their product as explicitly feminine. The approach appears to have worked as Evolution of Smooth is now one of the most popular brands among Millennial women. With this popularity EOS lip balm is looking to expand into new areas of the personal care market. There is much more money to be made and they plan on doing everything to get it. EOS Facebook page:

The Future Of Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth is currently looking into ways to expand with a new line of shampoo products and shaving creams. Their influence is proving to be useful as these ventures are proving successful. The potential for Evolution of Smooth is going to be even greater in the future. Young women love this brand and they are willing to spend a pretty penny on whatever Evolution of Smooth decides to deliver. The idea of making a brand off lip balm for young women seemed to be absurd, but it seems to be paying off with millions of satisfied customers.  EOS products are available online on and Try it today!