How Equities Holdings Is Changing Lending

Opening New Doors With Security Collateral

The recent financial and political shockers the world has experienced is making life difficult for investors. Those looking for a loan are often unable to meet the strict standards imposed on them and find few offers available. Equities First Holdings has loans designed for this exact customer. When borrowers receive a loan from Equities Holdings, they secure the loan with an offering of stock. A recent innovation, stock backed loans are changing the way lenders do business and giving new opportunities to borrowers. Although much of the world is still trying to recover, stock markets are thriving and investors can use that stock to help finance their goals whether those goals involve buying a house or starting a business.

The Benefits Of The Collateral Loan

Stock backed loans offer borrows a number of benefits they would receive with a more traditional margin loan. Obviously, a borrower does not need to undergo a credit score review prior to receiving the loan. Only the stock, and the value of stock, is ever addressed. The value of a stock backed loan is often much high than that of a margin loan. This is absolutely great for business startups and others in need of quick access to a source of revenue. Equities Holdings caters to customers with a variety of needs, but the business sector is a particularly strong area of interest for this lender.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The success of Equities First Holdings speaks volumes about the potential of stock backed loans. Founded in the 2000s, Equities First Holdings has made a name for itself through its innovative approach to lending. Currently, the lending firm occupies offices located around the world everywhere from America to Hong Kong. Over the course of their history, Equities First has managed to produce billions of dollars with more than 600 transactions. These numbers are only going to increase as financial and political instability rock the global markets. There is a need for a new approach to lending, but that’s exactly what Equities First Holdings offers.