How Did Alexei Beltyukov Conceive Of Solvy?

Solvy is the brainchild of Alexei Beltyukov, and it is really the only homework tool that works for both teachers and students. Everyone who is using this system needs to be sure that they are using it the right way as it is intended to be used by both sides in the educational conversation. Alexei Beltyukov knows that the education a student gets happens a lot in homework, and that is why he wants it to be easier.

The plan with Solvy was for Alexei Beltyukov to sell it to schools and school systems that want to use it with their students. It is a really good platform that works great for schools, and it helps the teachers and students talk about homework outside of the classroom. The homework is assigned in the system, and then the students do it in the system. The teacher grades the homework in the system, and then they can talk to the students about it. Students learn a lot faster because they have access to their teachers, and they are there to get answers before going to class.

The teacher does not have to spend all their time talking about the homework from last night, and the two parties can keep talking in the system as much as they need. Parents do not have to help, and the teacher has access to their class all the time. This is the best thing for teachers who have a lot of large classes, and it works well for students who struggle with homework.

Alexei Beltyukov has experience with other companies in the past where he has brought innovation forward, and he is doing that with schools. Schools will be able to give their students a better experience. Students learn, and teachers can address every issue in their homework.  Given Alexei’s experience with investment, and his background and education with INSEAD, there’s no doubt he will succeed.