How an Engineer from Securus Technologies Gave Inmates and Their Families a Second Chance

One of the easiest things that anyone can do is to disregard criminals. It’s well-justified: they’ve committed the crime, they have to do the time.

“It’s their fault that they put themselves in a situation where they can’t go out from”. The sad part is that this statement is absolutely correct.

However, there is one question that needs to be asked: what about their families? What about their daughters, their wives, and their sons who are doing the time with them with absentee parent or relative afar?

One non-profit and a leader in the Corrections market comes to mind that sought to solve this problem with unique technological solution: Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies focuses on using technology to keep the prisoners, the correctional staff, and even society safe from harm.

The man who helms this company is Rick Smith as CEO.

Accomplishments from Securus

The Securus Technologies focuses entirely on utilizing today’s and even upcoming technology in the Corrections Market as a market leader.

The non-profit’s most notable achievement is developing a platform where inmates are able to effectively communicate with their loved ones and understand how the world is changing without them being in it.

However, Securus also has another platform that prevent harm and danger towards inmates and the correctional staff in prisons: the Investigator Pro.

This relatively novel software allows for investigators to search through voice samples in order to ensure where each voice is saying.

In other words, if an investigator is investigate a possible criminal activity that can happen; they can traced it back to the person just by searching their voice.

More precisely, this means that investigators can better decipher what was being talked about in that conversation – just based on their voice and search.

This is all so that Securus can produce more crowning achievements such as Malika Kidd, an ex-inmate who was released from Northeast Reintegration Center for Women ago after being incarcerated for fourteen years on drug trafficking charges.

Most of crowning achievements that were showcased above were technological and advanced. These forward-thinking achievements wouldn’t be possible without its leader, Rick Smith.

Securus’s Secret Weapon

Rick Smith is the Securus’s secret weapon: this is practically because of his background in Mathematics and Engineering. He carries an Associate’s Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

From his history with Global Crossing North America, Inc., he served multiple roles from Controller to even Chief Information Officer.

His prestige and professionalism in his role as the President in Frontier Technologies.

The key reason why Rick Smith is a key asset for Securus is especially because of his background in technology and being able to utilize it to such a strong degree that Securus is able to uphold its position as a market leader in the Corrections Market in serving 33 State Departments.

However, Rick Smith is not just technology-focused expert of technology. He is also a well-rounded individual.

His business expertise is expanded when he worked at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. as the Chief Financial Officer. Thanks to his knowledge and stewardship, he was able to increase the annual revenue from a measly $30 million to more than a tenfold of $350 million in three years!

While his talents and knowledge is in technology, he understands that he must be able to develop the business as a whole.

Standing Out in the Corrections Market

Rick Smith isn’t an ordinary CEO, given the accomplishments of Securus Technologies and his history.

Rick was able to create a market leader out of Securus Technologies.

Today, Rick Smith is positioning the company to invest $600 million in patents, developing the already-established world’s largest VoIP Corrections calling platforms, and outperforming their competition in the same space.

When given the position as CEO in June 2008, Rick Smith was just the right answer and the right man.

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