Harry Potter Coming to Broadway

A new play is entering the NYC market from London UK and may have secured its Broadway home. That play is the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and is based on all seven of the books in the Harry Potter series that was written by British author J. K. Rowling.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Fhild will be more than just a retelling of the original tale and is more a sequel or accompaniment to the story. The tale has already gotten rave reviews and is considered to be a potential large hit for Broadway which comes on the heels of another big hit, Hamilton which won many Tony Awards and is dominating the Broadway market.


The Harrry Potter play will likely play at the Lyric theater which is currently showing Cirque De Soleil which is scheduled to end in April 2017. After that, the Lyric was set for major repairs and renovations prt of which will be adapting the theater for the new Harry Potter play. Part of these renovations will be reducing the theater size from 1,900 seats to only 1.500 which is thought to be optimal for the Harry Potter show.


The Lyric is owned by an UK theater company, the Ambassador Theater Group which bought the Lyric in 2013. The Ambassador Theater Group is a large UK company that owns a wide range of British Theater Properties and has also bought the Hudson Theater on Boradway.


Harry Potter is expected to open in late 2017 or early 2018 and will be partly produced by Sonia Friedman who is well known in the industry. She has previously introduced Broadway to the plays Jersualem and the Northern Conquest. Casting and show dates are still pending information and details will likely trickle out as the early reports and confirmed and officiously announced.


Still it is likely that the Harry Potter play will be a much sought after ticket due to the ongoing popularity of the plays as well as the wide acceptance and desirability of the UK tickets. The play has been nominated for and won several of the Evening standard awards in England which are our equivalent of the Tony awards.


While this news is welcome for play goers it was widely anticipated due to the size of the success of Harry Potter in the UK.