Hamilton: The Man, The Myth, The Musical

In the year of smartphones and cars that park themselves, it’s refreshing to hear names like Alexander Hamilton around the house. The Tony Awards, airing Sunday June 12th, are setting the stage for the musical event of the year, Hamilton. Sure, other productions have been nominated in the “Best Musical” category, but do they really stand a chance?

For most of us, this will be our only opportunity to see Lin Manuel Miranda up close and personal, as ticket prices to the actual Broadway production have soared. Even if you did win Dionysus’ lottery and scored those $1200 tickets, the creator and star of the production announced he is leaving the show as of July 9th. Before you scalp your tickets, consider the talent and quality of the production as a whole. Behind the creative mastermind that is Miranda, is an ensemble of culturally diverse performers who have secured their spot among the Broadway elite, and earned a “Best Musical” nomination while educating the masses on the meaning of being American as a person of color. That is also history in the making.

Some say it will be a sweep at the Tony Awards, and the ten-month run of Hamilton will extend for years, complete with a national tour and distribution of copyrights to middle schools everywhere. Others say it’s just a passing fad, and the musical will die as quickly as the man for which it’s named. But Broadway lives and breathes with its patrons, so the real question is, what do you say?