Goettl Air Conditioning Continues to Persevere.

Cooling equipment development pioneer Goettl Air Conditioning, has been purchased by ARS/Rescue Scooter. Founded by the Goettl brothers in 1939, Goettl was a leading participant in the effort to aid Arizona residents in becoming more acclimated to the dry desert climate of the southwest.

ARS acquired Goettl in an effort to further improve their presence in the southwest area. The Memphis located plumbing and air conditioning contractor also has locations in Phoenix and Tuscon.

Goettl Air Conditioning sold to Tenn. contractor

ARS promises to maintain the familiarity and successes of Goettl Air Conditioning’s brand name. ARS has chosen to work out of Goettl’s already established headquarters and has retained current staff and the management team. The previous president of Goettl, Dan Burke, will lead the company.

ARS is no stranger to acquisition. In the past year the company has acquired four other companies located in separate states.

Goettl Air Conditioning has provided great cooling and heating services to residents of the southwest area for over seven decades. No matter the evolutionary changes of business and technology Goettl has always found a way to prosper. Goettl hires highly trained technicians to deal with a variety of technical situations dealing with residential and commercial HVAC installation and servicing.

Kenneth D. Goodrich became the new owner of Goetll when he purchased the company in 2012. He brought on then leader of the company, Dan Burke to serve as CEO to help with the new direction of the company. With Goodrich and Burke leading the way Goettl has become even more of a force. The company has been praised for its innovation in HVAC installation and service. In 2014 the company was announced as a finalist for the Impact Award given out by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. All in all, the Goetll Air Conditioning company is on the path to be around for another 70 years.