Goettl: A Company for the Community

For those hot summers in the hottest months of the year, AC is required in order to compensate for the heat and to remain cool as well as healthy despite the dangerous heat outside. Though air conditioning is important during those hot months, disasters can arise whether the unit breaks, or a natural disaster occurs. With this in mind, one company in particular that specializes in repairing air conditioning is recommended for the best results possible that will not break the bank in the process. This company is Goettl which is a company that is renowned for not only its history, but also for the company’s innovation.

Goettl has over 70 years of experience with improving the company internally as well as externally. Goettl is a company that works hard to befriend the customer and to provide exactly what is necessary to the customer with the best products as well as the best installments. Goettl, within the last five years, has undergone several changes for the better which has made this one of the most sought after companies for the customer service. At Goettl, the employees get to know the customer and understand exactly what needs to be done in order to obtain customer satisfaction.

As a business within the local community, Goettl relies heavily on becoming a part of the community. In recent news, Goettl showed the company’s dedication when the company helped out the local community in need. This occurred when one elderly woman in particular was in need of assistance when her air conditioning broke at the beginning of the summer season. With living in Las Vegas, one of the hottest regions in the United States, the health risks were high. This 94 year old woman not only had a broken air conditioning unit, but also had no room in her social security to pay for a costly replacement.

When learning of this predicament, Goettl decided to install a brand new system in this woman’s home for no charge. Though the value of this installment was estimated to be around $14,000, Goettl took no money from this woman. At Goettl, the business is not just a business, but is also an establishment that looks to take care of the community that it is rooted in. With excellent installments provided as well as quality customer service, Goettl is continuously expanding and becoming more popular despite the decades of experience.