George Soros Warns of Danger for the EU

George Soros was recently profiled in an article for CNBC. Soros issued strong words of caution on regarding the European Union (EU) and its stance on the current refugee crisis. Soros warned that if the leaders of the EU do not act cooperatively soon to address the EU crisis, then the entire region could be headed towards disaster. George Soros explained that the asylum seekers are incredibly desperate right now and that the numbers of refugees fleeing their civil warn torn home countries is on the rise. Soros penned an essay for the New York Review of Books in which he estimated that the EU should be prepared to absorb each year between 300,000 and 500,000 refugees. The estimated financial toll that this surge in refugee numbers will exact on the EU could be an estimated $34 billion annually, according to George Soros. Although Soros recognized that this number can seem staggering, the longer term consequences of not adequately preparing to deal with the refugee crisis could be much higher for the EU. In response to questions about where the budget for the refugee crisis should come from, George Soros pointed to the European Commission’s Multi annual Financial Framework and the triple-A credit rating of the EU, which he implored should be utilized immediately to surge funding for this crisis.

Soros has a long history of standing up for the rights of immigrants on and speaking out in times of humanitarian crisis. Ever since he founded the Open Society Foundations, Soros has been widely recognized as a strong advocate for human rights and economic development in the poorest and most marginalized corners of the world. Given his personal history of growing up in Budapest, Hungary during the Nazi occupation of World War II, George Soros has a unique perspective on the importance of protecting immigrants’ rights. He has been extremely generous in his philanthropic contributions to a variety of causes supporting human rights, freedom of speech, economic and business development, inclusion and integration. Soros was one of the strongest supporters of ending apartheid in South Africa through his generous contributions to provide educational opportunities to black students.

Soros also serves as the chair of Soros Fund Management and is widely consulted for his perspective on investment advice. Soros is particularly knowledgeable about international financial markets and recognizing global trends. He has written over a dozen books on various topics ranging from economic and politics to social issues. He also is a frequent contributor to other print publications, including highly respected newspapers all over the world. Soros continues to take a very active role in political life through his financial contributions to a variety of progressive and liberal causes as well as frequent appearances and speaking engagements on political issues.